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Motivational Speaker Sila Calderon
Sila M. Calderón

Motivational Speaker

First woman to serve as Governor of Puerto Rico, Ms. Sila Calderón is a successful Hispanic politician and businesswoman and fluent bilingual Latina keynote speaker addressing empowerment, success, leadership and professional issues for women.


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Women's Issues

illuminating perspectives on issues facing professional women

Hispanic Speaker Sila Calderon

Sila Calderón, the first and only female governor of Puerto Rico, speaks fluently in English and Spanish on how to overcome difficult obstacles, achieve your full potential, and reach top leadership positions.

Latina Speaker Sila Calderon

Women as well as men in managerial positions, both in the corporate and public sectors, will benefit from the lessons learned in her efforts to overcome extremely difficult situations and obstacles to reach her goals and objectives and succeed in top leadership positions. Along with her many career successes as a politician, she is also the first female to sit on the board of several top corporations.

Bilingual Speaker Sila Calderon

Sila M. Calderón has many unique experiences and insights to share about reaching full personal potential and achieving top leadership positions in difficult environments. Her high level executive positions have also given her the capacity to consider complex situations from a multiplicity of angles.

Finally, as you would expect from a former governor, Ms. Calderón offers to share her thorough knowledge of the close relationship between government and business, and deep understanding of the ever-growing Hispanic markets in the United States and Latin America.

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